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Better than Snow

Jura, March 2007

In front of Chateau-Chalon in Fresh Snow

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It took us nearly five years to return - to the land of yellow wines. You can find good wines here that haven't been spoiled by international oenology business like in many other places. Even though the founder of modern oenology, Louis Pasteur, went to school and sat in his class in the Jura town of Arbois. There he's still sitting - as a monument on a foundation as if he watched over the wines for them to remain just the way as they are: not only digestible but also self-contained, individual characters. Anything else would be boring.

This year we tasted at three wine grower's places, all of whom have shops in Arbois. Then we went to the neighbour village to visit Lucien Aviet who we deeply admire. After that we decided to take a small trip to Chateau-Chalon, an old village placed on a rock and home of the most famous Vin Jaunes.

Landscape, wine and cheese: Jura is worth a discovery. If you are curious, read our small introduction to the wines of Jura.

Nikolai Vogel & Kilian Fitzpatrick

  1. Montigny-les-Arsures: Better than Snow - Lucien Aviet

  2. Arbois: Days in Drift - Henri Maire, Rolet, Pinte

  3. Chàteau-Chalon: Meet Mother Holle - Jean Macle

Vineyards near Chateau-Chalon in Fresh Snow

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